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The purpose of this comic is to entertain, just like all comics, right? I'll tackle the themes that have come up in my life, and hopefully we'll all have a good laugh about it, eh?

I dreamed up this comic several years ago, back when I was still taking classes at ACC, and when I was still married to my first wife. Suffice it to say, my former wife wasn't impressed with the idea, and I was almost too busy to actually start drawing it at that time.

Almost a year after the divorce, I bought a sketch pad, pencil and a Sharpie pen, just to see what I could do. Thus the Huey Lewis comic was drawn (and for anybody who didn't get that joke, sorry). I declared it a drawing success, if not a successful joke, and just went off on it.

Now I've got a full queue of comics that are just waiting to be published, completely drawn, colored, and ready to go. They'll go up on their scheduled days. Well, actually, updates are sporadic. Sorry about that.

Who are you?

I'm Dave.

I currently work full time at Fastburger in Austin, TX, which is also where I live (Austin, not the store, I don't live at the store). I'm an older college student. Well, I'd like to consider myself more seasoned, which makes me pretty tasty.

I've changed careers several times in my life, and I'm starting to feel like the lead character in the old fantasy book Five Magics. I've also gone through hobbies the way a woman goes through bras, so I've got plenty of dumb D&D jokes to make along with jokes about rockets, airplanes, cars, juggling, bicycling, etc.

Where do you get your ideas for comics?

Same place everyone else does, I steal them and then eat their creator.

Actually, that's not true. Some comics I dream up and draw all at once, some come from actual conversations I've had with people, some are conversations I want to have with people, and you should be getting the idea.

Some of the places in the comic that everybody visits are based on places I've worked. For example, Fast Burger is based on several separate burger joints I have to work at.

The characters are all shades of people I know, or shades of me. I suppose I count as a person I know, but, oh well. So if you know me, you should expect that sooner or later a conversation you and I have will show up here. :)

Do you have names for your characters?

Some of them. Clyde the Cannibal is named. So is the Integrator. The UT Punks are named "The UT Punks", and their arch enemies are "The Aggie Punks". That story is pretty much told at this point, but I'd like to run them all through Fast Burger before I retire those characters, although I'll probably bring them back the next time the stupid rivalry between UT and A&M heats up with people doing stupid things to each other. Really, I want to know, do we need more reasons to hate each other? Now we're going to hate people based on what university they go to?

I guess this is Texas, after all.

I'm working on new ways to navigate the site that require some sort of name for everyone, so it's coming.

Why do you use Zazzle for your store?

Quite honestly, I don't currently have the time to handle shipping merchandise to people, and I don't have the money to make the initial investment anyway. Since I also lack the readership needed to go along with all that, it's not really a problem. :)

But I also know that people want things that go along with comics, posters and t-shirts and so forth. Zazzle is an excellent way to provide those things to people when a) I don't have the money to make the initial investment into merchandise, b) I don't have time to do the logistics, and c) I don't have the readership to support that effort. Suffice it to say, when/if the readership is there, I will be happy to invest into myself and take over managing the store directly.

Are you listed in any web comic directories?

I try to keep up with such things and keep myself listed, but there are so many. Here's a short list of listings that I know about:

This list exists to satisfy linking agreements with those listings that require it, but I'll try to keep it updated with all the listings I know about, because some of those directories are very nice.

Do you have a long-term plan with the comic?

YES. I'm glad you asked that. My 2012 Nano Novel takes the crew of Fastburger to an alien world. I'm working on it as we speak. I have a graphic novel I want to draw now that I think I have the ability to draw convincing stick figures. I have stories I want to tell!

Just need time, which is hard to find these days.

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