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Casual Racism, or, How I Learned to Quit Worrying and Stop Being Racist


Dave - Aug 22, 2017: Do you remember when I posted on Facebook that I was having trouble parsing the events starting in Charlottesville and going on into our so-called president's statements on the subject, but I was absolutely certain that the Robert E. Lee statue had to come down and replaced with a memorial to Heather Heyer?...


Dave - Jul 29, 2017: ==Fastburger!== This is a teaser. The following scene takes place right after The Event. The book is currently projected to be finished and released in early November, 2017. ==Chapter 2 Intro== Andrew and Chad wasted no time making sure all equipment was off and all cooler doors were shut. They had faced power outages before, and even in the near pitch blackness, by the light of their cell phones they knew their...

I'm cleaning up my old comics

True Stories

Dave - Apr 25, 2017: It's true. I've long had problems with my old comics having not-totally-straight lines and generally looking bad. So now I've started cleaning them up. The one that has been bothering me the most [is this one http://www.davefancella.com/archive/n14_depressionmonster.html]. It's my favorite comic, and definitely the one that has the most meaning to me, but it used to look like crap....

Space Pirate Chronicles: The Fool's Tale

Dave - Feb 27, 2017: ==The fool goes head to head against a cold-blooded killer on icy Europa.== [/graphics/theFoolsTale.png] Cecil Wendbury is a professional fool who performs in the streets of New Austin on Europa. Then a mysterious man gives him a flash drive containing information over which he was later killed. Now Cecil has to figure out who was supposed to receive the flash drive while not letting it fall into the wrong hands. The...

Why Do We Even Have an LGBT Movement?


Dave - Jul 08, 2013: The question came up on a crossdressing forum I recently joined: Why go out in public when you're dressed up? The person posing the question was asking because she has a close family member who doesn't approve, who thinks we should stay behind closed doors and keep our freakiness to ourselves. I call bullocks on that reasoning. There are more fundamental issues at stake that apply to everyone in our country,...

A Proposal to Pay for New Laws from our GOP Legislators in Texas

Politics, Satire

Dave - Jul 07, 2013: There are certain fundamental rights that every human being should have granted to them, and here in Texas, the GOP is doing everything in its power to trap those rights in the bowels of legislation. In every case, there are, behind the scenes, individuals and businesses that profit from these laws that contribute generously to the campaigns of the GOP party members in question. It has now become necessary that the liberals...

I Grocery Shop in a Skirt

True Stories, Politics

Dave - Jul 02, 2013: So, I wear a skirt to the grocery store. In fact, these days, I pretty much wear a skirt when I'm not at work. Face it, they're comfortable, sexy, and cool. You guys that don't wear them, you're really missing out. In fact, tonight, I caught one attractive lady really checking me out. So if you want to be more attractive to women and get a leg up on...

DOMA, Proposition 8, the Voting Rights Act, and General Pyrrhus


Dave - Jun 26, 2013: The big news today is that Proposition 8 was "declared unconstitutional", DOMA was struck down, and everybody's happy. This is to make us feel better after yesterday's loss over the Voting Rights Act. That is, as liberals. If you're a conservative, you're probably thinking your win yesterday means you'll be able to reverse the gains after you've managed to prevent all liberals in the country from voting ever again....

Culture of Abuse


Dave - Jun 25, 2013: First thing's first: the title doesn't mean what you think it means. Second thing's second: If you're a woman, you are likely to be offended by this article. If you're a "male feminist", you are definitely going to be offended. ==Rape Culture== Rape culture is real and it is destroying lives even as you read this. For the victims, their destruction is obvious. For the perpetrators, their destruction is less obvious...

Site History

True Stories

Dave - Jun 16, 2013: When a website goes through many iterations, it becomes necessary at some point to discuss those iterations. We'll discuss them now. This website started a long time ago when I found myself ranting at a particular coworker and he just didn't give a fuck what I was saying. My response? Make a website. It was his advice (Todd, the coworker, rather than the Todd who is a good friend of...

Arrested as a Transvestite

True Stories

Dave - Jun 11, 2013: So, guess who got arrested for a domestic squabble? Yep, you guessed right. This article isn't about the squabble because it is a private affair. Instead, this is about the experience of being arrested. So if you've been following the comic, it's being gifted with themes involving cross-dressing and other transgender-oriented issues, but at the time of writing, nothing has really matured yet. These themes are obviously personal to me,...

Rusty the Illiterate

True Stories

Dave - Aug 14, 2004: A long time ago when I was flipping hamburgers at Fastburger, I thought I had worked with the dumbest of them. We'd get people in there with vocabularies under 100 words, and if you used any sentences longer than about 10 words then you'd lost the poor guy. Usually these guys wouldn't stick around, they had no talent....

Windows vs Linux

True Stories

Dave - Apr 14, 2004: Here's a blast from the past. This article originally appeared on, I believe, the third iteration of my personal website, which has been phased out in favor of the web comic. Since this article was my 15 minutes of fame in the open source world, I thought I'd keep it. However, a few notes:...

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